Spring Production – The Trip to Bountiful

The Trip to Bountiful by Horton Foote

Directed by Kathryn and Gene Schmiel

Produced by Andy Mays

The main character is Carrie Watts, an elderly woman forced by economic circumstances to live with her son and whiny daughter-in-law in Houston, Texas in 1952.  Carrie has wistful memories of her childhood home of Bountiful, Texas.  Her one wish – to return to Bountiful one last time before she dies – has been repeatedly thwarted by her family.  But Carrie finds a way to make her journey.  What she finds there are lessons in nostalgia and memory which have universal applications for all.


  • Carrie Watts: Dot Schuetze
  • Jessie Mae Watts: Tina Mullins
  • Ludie Watts: Tom Taggart
  • Thelma: Sally Peterson
  • Roy and Houston Clerk #2: Walt Meyer
  • Houston Clerk #1: Dave Jackson
  • Sheriff: Jim Burwell


  • Producer: Andy Mays
  • Stage Manager: Jane Becker
  • Ticket Manager: Mary Anne Bosco
  • Publicity and Programs: Walt Meyer
  • LSTV: John Bisaga and company
  • Make-Up: Val Bowman




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