April — Boeing Boeing

Spring 2016 Production

April 19-21, 2016

Boeing Boeing, by Marc Camoletti (translated by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans) is the Spring 2016 Production.  BB made its Broadway debut in 1965, after a successful run in Europe and won the 2008 Tony for the best revival. It was also made into a movie and a movie for television.

The Directors are Walt Meyer and Betty Hitchcock.

The cast in order of appearance  

  • Gloria – Georgiana Ide
  • Bernard – Gene Schmiel
  • Berthe – Ginny McCardle
  • Robert – John Johnson
  • Gabriella – Kathryn Schmiel
  • Gretchen – Joan Patton.

Understudies are: Dot Scheutze, Mary Glascock, Chuck Breder and Bob Bowman.

  • Crew:
    Producer: Marlene Griffenhagen
    Stage Managers: Jane Becker and Sandy Thompson
    Stage Design and Construction: Ted Day, Don Jewell, Chuck Breder, Tom Taggart, Ed Prendergast, Bob Bowman
    Makeup: Sandy Iasiello, Margaret Gorzka, Joan Turner, Valerie Bowman
    Sound: John Bisaga, Nancy Mahevich, Jan Rathbun
    Video: Nick Ide
    Tickets: Mary Ann Bosco
    Costume Design: Rebecca Johnson
    Prompter: Dot Schuetze



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