NOVEMBER–Twelve Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

November 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 at 7:30pm–Nov 9 at 2pm

The Cast included: Murray Schooner as the Judge’s Voiceover; Ed Baier as the Guard; Roger Del Rosario as the Forman (Juror 1); Jack Merelman as Juror 2; Sil Zinicola as Juror 3; Don Freedman as Juror 4; Paul Young as Juror 5; Don Jewell as Juror 6; Gene Schmiel as Juror 7; Rick Sullivan as Juror 8; Mel Ross as Juror 9; Chuch Breder as Juror 10; Gene Brickach as Juror 11; and Ed Prendergast as Juror 12.

The Production Staff included:  Director, M.J. Brickach; Stage Manager, Denny Cumber; Set Design and Construction, Ted Day; Asst. Construction, Gene Brickach; Set Design and Decoration, Joey Wagner, assisted by Goldie Grandy, Faye Greene & Janice Zinicola; Publicity, Bets Knepley; Photography, Ed Knepley; Make-Up, Sandy Iasiello assisted by Claudia Dugan, Jean Herr, Margaret Gorzka & Treva Whyte; Tickets, Elena Portoles & Sue Jewell; Sound & Lighting, Dave Milbradt & Obie Dugan of the HH LSTV Crew; Program, Joey Wagner & Bill Harrison; Hospitality, Pat Boggs.

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Twelve Angry Men Program

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