JUNE–Larceny and Old Lace

Larceny and Old Lace

June 16, 17 & 18, 2010–Ballroom

From the Director John Gatt

This fun-filled comedy is about the Peabody sisters who are the prototypical “sweet little old ladies” who discover an unusual way of enjoying themselves. Mix together the sister’s unusual way of enjoying themselves, their eccentric brother, accountant nephew, black sheep nephew–and complications arise. However, good prevails over evil and all ends well in the Peabody household.

Cast includes: Tom Taggart as Harold; Chuck Breder as Charlie; Dot Schuetze as Millie; Arlene Maroney as Gertie; Walt Meyer as Officer McNealy and Dr. Pretorious; Betty Hitchcock as Gloria; Don Jewell as Agent Klick; and Jack Merelman as Agent Klack; Ed Predergast as Officer Larson; Jim Burwell as Judge Taylor; Sil Zinicola as Lester; Gene Schmiel as Mordred; Joe Ganey as the Taxi Driver; Ina Mayer as Dr. Shortnoar and Nanette Ross as Nurse Widget.

Production Staff includes: Director, John Gatt; Assistant to Director, Kathryn Schmiel; Stage Assistant, Sandra Thompson;  Set Designer, Joey Wagner; Assistant Set Designer, Goldie Grandy; Set Construction, Joey Wagner, Don Hambric, Ron Rinaldi, Don Jewel and Chuck Breder; Tickets and Menu, Elena Portoles; Sound/Lights, Dave Milbradt and Bill Whyte; Make-Up, Sandy Iasiello; Make-up Assistants, Treva Whyte, Jean Herr, Margaret Gorzka and Phyllis Shrader; Costumes, Pat Dews; Publicity, Joyce Mancini; Programs, Bill Harrison.

Larceny and Old Lace PROGRAM