Spring Production 2018

At First Sight by Anne Pie

April 9th 2:00 performance

April 10th and 11th 7:00 performance

Directed by Tom Taggart

Produced by Mary Glascock

Fifty-one year old Julia Goldman thought she had experienced it all. Although she had been widowed for two years, she was left financially well-fixed with two grown children who were busy with their successful careers. Life was routine and uneventful for Julia in her Hollywood home. She thought she would just ease into the rest of her days without anything notable looming on the horizon. Suddenly, “Life with a Capital L” hands her what is to become the biggest decision of her life; the sort of occurrence to which many a younger woman would hardly be equal. An accidental encounter in the cocktail lounge of a posh hotel with a man who sweeps her off her feet and then disappears, leaves her with much more than just a fond memory. She is no longer able to conceal her predicament. The sibling rivalry of her children, plus her own with her flamboyant sister, Verna, add to the complexity, and to the resolution of her plight.


  • Bob Bowman as Philip Minister
  • Rob Brock as Harry Foster
  • Georgiana Ide as Verna Fields
  • Paula James as Fay Goldman
  • Ginny McCardle as Senator Feldman
  • Tina Mullins as Julia Goldman
  • Walt Meyer as Curtis Goldman

Production Crew:

  • Stage Manager – Sandy Thompson, Helen Esposito
  • Props – Sandy Thompson
  • Set Design and Construction – Ted Day, Don Jewel
  • Sound  – LSTV John Bisaga
  • Lighting  – LSTV
  • Video – Nick Ide
  • Tickets – Denny Cumber, Maryann Bosco
  • Photography, Program, and Poster – Walt Meyer
  • Publicity – Walt Meyer
  • Understudy – Dot Schutze, John Johnson, Art Moscatello