MAY–Don’t Say No to the USO

Don’t Say No to the USO

May 6, 7 and 8, 2003–Ballroom

Our first play was a WWII musical comedy with dancers. We had no microphones or lighting on stage. We borrowed lights from the Celebration Singers. The play was performed on the wooden dance floor in front of the stage. The Dancers used the stage for their numbers. We donated $500 to the U.S.O.

Production Staff included: Director and Producer Bets Knepley; Stage Manager Jane Becker; Choreographer Lynn Levvis; Musical Director Marie Phillips; Rehearsal Pianist Sue Wright; Scenery Ron Phillips, Dave Milbradt, Don Becker, Pete deCano, Betty deCano and Anne Finkenstaedt; Sound & Lighting Frank Elim, Bill Whyte, Clare Keating, Dave Milbradt and Manley Sullivan; Photographer Ed Knepley; Publicity & Programs Midge Teahan and Bets Knepley; Reservations Gayle Chisholm, Arlene Maroney, Sandy Milly and Midge Teahan; Reservation Table Jena Milbradt, Clare Keating and Pat Boggs.

Dinner Music provided by Sue Wright.

Cast included: Grace Baier as Edith, USO Hostess; Midge Teahan as Ruth Taylor, USO Club Director; Nanette Ross as Angie Wilberforce, Ass’t to Miss Taylor; Joan DeBell as Hazel, USO Hostess and June, OSS Agent; Arlene Maroney as Judy, USO Hostess and Rona, OSS Agent; Joanne Smith as Eve, USO Hostess and Gretchen, OSS Agent; Yvonne Stathis as Kitty Evans, Tap Dancer; John Gatt as Mr Wilcox, Air Raid Warden & MP; Gayle Chisholm as Gayle, USO Hostess; Tom Sutton as Leo, Serviceman; Richard Dahl as Jack, Serviceman; David Milbradt as Fred, Serviceman; Ed Dufrane as Ed, Serviceman; Steve Smith as Elliot Abner Martin, OSS Agent; Ed Baier as Horace Mendez Lopez, OSS Agent; Ellie Rewald as Hermione, Newsstand Proprietor; Helen Myhre as Gladys, Riveter; Marie Phillips as Valerie, Riveter; Sandy Mills as Melba, Riveter; Bob Rewald as Professor Milton Sullivan, Hypnotist; Connie Chaszar as Western Union Messenger; Aileen Drennan as Mrs. King, USO Supervisor; Peggy Elim as Pam Skipworth, Photographer.

Swing Dancers included: Gloria and Larry Jenkins; Lynn and Bob Levvis; Anna and Roger Van de Meulebroecke; Treva and Bill Whyte

Chorus Line Dancers included:  Claudia Dugan, Helen Esposito, Natalie June, Sandra Kleiman, Lynn Levvis, Connie Lloyd, Ellie Rewald, Cathy Schlupf, Yvonne Stathis and Treva Whyte

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