2003 Productions


Don’t Say No to the USO!

A WWII musical comedy with dancers. Cast of 37. Directed and Produced by Bets Knepley; Musical Director, Marie Phillips; Choreographer, Lynn Levvis; Stage Manager, Jane Becker; Scenery, Dave Milbradt; Lights & Sound, Dave Milbradt, Bill Whyte, Frank Elim & Manley Sullivan. We had no microphones or lighting. The Celebration Singers lent us their lights. Play was performed on the wooden dance while the dancers were on the stage.

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The Last Dress Rehearsal

Written and Produced by John Gatt. Cast of 12 and the Men’s Chorus and Line Dancers. Producer, Bets Knepley; Stage Manager, Jane Becker. Performed on stage with minimal lighting and sound.