APRIL–The Cemetery Club

The Cemetery Club

April 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2007

A “Dramedy” produced on Broadway in 1990 and made into a movie in 1993. HHLT’s first attempt at serious drama. Directed by Bets Knepley; Produced by Jane Becker; Stage Manager Goldie Grandy; Assistant to the Director Dot Schuetze; Costumes by Pat Dews; Set Design by Alan Mager; Choreography by Lynn Levvis;  Makeup by Sandy Iasiello, Sound & Lighting by Dave Milbradt, Bill Whyte & Rick Sullivan; Property Mistresses were Denny Cumber & Nan Hepp; Set Construction by Alan Mager and Ted Day; Set Painting by Lucy Modrak, Grace Baier and Ed Baier; Set Decoration by Joey Wagnew; Program and Publicity by Bets Knepley; Photography by Ed Knepley; Tickets by Elena Portoles and Carol Katchmark; Dinner Music by Jack Merelman; Set-Up and Tear-Down by Alan Mager, Goldie Grandy, Sandy Mills, Jim Burwell, Sil Zinicola, Rick Sullivan, Ted Day, Art Moscatello, Jack Merelman, Helen Espotito, Denny Cumber and Bob Rewald.

Cast of 5 included Pat Boggs, Gayle Chisholm, Lanna Krogman, Tina Mullins and Sil Zinicola. Dot Schuetze was the understudy for all the women’s roles.

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