NOVEMBER–The Last Dress Rehearsal

The Last Dress Rehearsal

November 11, 12 and 13, 2003–Ballroom

Written and Directed by HHLT Member John Gatt

Production Staff:  Directed by John Gatt; Produced by Bets Knepley; Stage Managed by Jane Becker. Performed on the stage with minimal lighting. Huge cast.

Cast included:  Helen Myhre as Doris, Cast Member; Joan DeBell as Jane, Cast Member; Pat Boggs as Beth, Stage Manager; Tom Sutton as Albert Hitchblock, Director; Ed Dufrane as Red Klinginmayer, First MC; Gayle Chisholm as Kelly Klinginmayer, Producer; Helen Kriegel as Stacey Struthers, Agent; Jack Curran as Lance DuBois, Second MC.

Varity Acts included: 

Hooked on Country by the Line Dancers (led by Mary Alice & Marty Mulroe; Mei-Chic & Tung-Ho Chen, Jane Cloud, Claudia Dugan, Gloria & Larry Jenkins, Connie Lloyd, Alice Lyons, Stephanie Weisbroth, Treva Whyte and Judy Wright

Chattanooga Choo Choo:  Women’s Chorus: Gwen Norr, Accompanist; Jane DeBell, Peggy Elim, Helen Kriegel, Susn Miller, Kathy Newell and Phyllis Shrader

Ethel Merman sings There’s No Business Like Show Business; Marie Phillips, Soloist; Sue Wright, Accompanist

CanCan & Giving Everything Away; Alan Mager, Autoharpist

Stout Hearted Men:  Men’s Chorus: Dick Myhre, Director; Sue Wright, Accompanist; Tenors:  Ken Duck, Ed Dufrane, Norm Marraccini; Lead:  Jack Curran, Loyd King, Bob Rewald, Tom Sutton; Baritone:  Joe Cestaro, John Grady, Carl Lyon; Bass:  Bob Cloud, Obie Dugan, Tom Rogerson and Steve Smith

Picnic Polka:  Line Dancers

Oh What a Beautiful Morning:  Lloyd King, Soloist; Sue Wright, Accompanist

2000 Year Old Man Skit:  John Gatt and Midge Teahan

Me & My Shadow:  Soft Shoe Dance by Yvonne Stathis and Natalie June

Mae West Skit:  Bets Knepley; Sue Wright, Accompanist

Lida Rose:  Men’s Chorus; Marie Phillips; Sue Wright, Accompanist

Lullaby of Birdland and Misty:  Ken Duck, Saxaphonist

Sonny & Cher sing I Got You Babe:  Ellie and Bob Rewald


REVIEW–The Last Dress Rehearsal

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