On January 23, 2003–a snowy Thursday evening–Bets Knepley organized the first HHLT meeting with 41 brave residents attending. Twenty-eight agreed to join. The bylaws, mission, board of directors, committees and play were chosen at this first meeting. So things were off to an enthusiastic start! Officers elected were: President, Bets Knepley; Vice President, John Gatt; Secretary, Pat Boggs; and Treasurer, Clare Keating. The play selected was a large cast musical comedy, Don’t Say No to the USO.

First Flyer

Charter members were: Ed and Grace Baier; Jane Becker; Pat Boggs; Sal Buscema; Connie Chaszar; Gayle Chisholm; Richard Dahl; Joan DeBell; Claudia and Obie Dugan; Aileen Drennan; Ed Dufrane; Frank and Peggy Elim; Helen Esposito; John Gatt; Thelma Hample; Nan Hepp; Natalie June; Clare Keating; LLoyd King; Bets and Ed Knepley; Bob and Lynn Levvis; Connie Lloyd; Marie Louden; Arlene Maroney; Dave and Jean Milbradt; Sandy Mills; Dick and Helen Myhre; Kathy Newell; Marie and Ron Phillips; Ellie and Bob Rewald; Nanette Ross; Cathy Schlupt; Joanne Smith; Steve Smith; Yvonne Stathis; Tom Sutton; Midge Teahan; Ana Van de Meulebroecke; Sue Wright aand Julia Yablonski.

From those 28 members in 2003, annual membership is averaging 50-60 over the years.

The first issue of our newsletter was published in April 2003 and continues.

In June 2003, a Readers Theater was added as the Educational Arm of HHLT. It met twice a month. In May 2005, the Readers Theater became The Workshop, which met monthly. Bets Knepley coordinated both. The Workshop was abandoned in 2009 when member interest waned.

In November 2004, a website was created for HHLT by webmaster Ed Knepley, followed by webmasters Rick Sullivan and Bets Knepley.

In July 2006 the Traveling Theater Troupe (TTT) was organized by Ina Mayer. Using skits and music, small groups travel to nursing homes and senior citizen organizations–bringing entertainment and laughter to the audiences.

In June 2007, Flick Fest, with the movie, Rainman, began at Joyce Mancini’s home. It later became Classic Movie Night.

HHLT is and always has been a very social organizations. Our events have included Pot-Luck picnics, Halloween parties, Christmas caroling, enjoying plays as a group, followed by fine dining out.