Traveling Theater Troupe

The Traveling Theater Troupe was originally called The Community Outreach Program. It was organized by Ina Mayer in early 2007. The members decided to use the many programs from the Poetry-Prose Productions of Senior Repertory of Ohio (SRO) for their first endeavors. These included scripts for major holidays, seasonal and humorous show. It was also decided that four participants will perform at a facility such as an assisted living or nursing homes. It was important to have interaction
with our audiences and visit afterwards with the residents.


Added three programs: God Bless America, Just for the Fun of It and Tickling the Funny Bone.


January–After a brief hiatus, TTT has resumed with a new program called “Winter Wonderland.” Helen Esposito, Janice Zinicola, Art Moscatello and Ina Mayer were warmly received at Caton Merchant House.

March–Sudley Manor

July 15–Sudley Manor–performed God Bless America


TTT Bull Run Observer ArticleMay2007

May 2007 at the Gainesville Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility–performed Just for the Fun of It. This was the TTT’s debut with Joyce Mancini, Grace and Ed Baier and Carol Katchmark performing. They were asked to return with other programs.

July 25 at the Sudley Manor House–The Patriotic Program was performed

August 8 and 15The Summertime Program was performed.