May – Murder at the Orient Express

by Craig Sodaro

May 1, 2 and 3

May 1 and 2 are concert seating at $10pp; May 3 is a dinner theater at $30pp.

Murder at the Orient Express is a whodunit spoof on the Agatha Christie classic (Murder On the Orient Express). The scene of the crime is a Chinese restaurant run by Irish sisters Mary and Molly McGregor. The story becomes as spicy as kung pao chicken when you add an ever-angry German-speaking waitress, an IRS agent, a cross-dressing Marine general and a pro-wrestler. Here to crack the case is not-so-sharp private eye Dudley Sharpe.


Co-Directors: Betty Hitchcock & Walt Meyer; Producer: Kathryn Schmiel; Stage Mangers: Sandy Thompson and Goldie Grandy; Set Construction: Ted Day & Don Jewel; Set Design: Joey Wagner; Makeup: Sandy Iasiello; Costumes:  Pat Dews; Publicity Poster, Horn Ad and Flyers: Bets Knepley, Ed Knepley; Tickets: Helen Esposito, Sue Jewell; LSTV Liaison: Sandy Mills; LSTV: Bill Whyte


Tom Taggart as Dudley Sharpe; Gene Schmiel as Seymour Twitt; Tina Mullins as Frau Beethoven; Dot Schuetze as Molly McGregor; Sil Zinacola as Wee Willie Wonkers; Kathy Carrico as Carlotta Twitt; Joan Patton as Millie Fern; Ed Prendergast as Barney Barrelfoot; Sharon Ferguson as Scarlett Dawn; Jim Burwell as Lester Peapicker; Joyce Mancini as Darla Dee; Ginny McCardle as Hildegard Harris; and Mary Glascock as Olivia Crenshaw