Fall Production – Old Time Radio

Five Shows to bring back some wonderful memories and smiles

Directed by Gene Schmiel

Produced by: Andy Mays


The Lone Ranger

Lone Ranger: Tom Taggert
Tonto: Kathy Carrico
Announcer: Ginny McCardle
Bogus: Sally Peterson
Elk: Mary Glascock
Hector: Rob Brock
Clem: Brenda Quanstrom
Pete: Walt Meyer


Fibber McGee and Molly

McGee: John Johnson
Molly: Helen Gillikin/Valerie Morris
Woman: Mary Jane Fink
Announcer: Helen Esposito
Ole: Tom Taggart
Cliff: Jim Burwell

Five Minute Mystery

Announcer: Mary Glascock
Lou: Betty Hitchcock
Gatti: Rob Brock
Melville: Ginny McCardle
Woman: Mary Jane Fink


Friday: Walt Meyer
Smith: Brenda Quanstrom
Announcer: Maureen Erickson
Joplin: John Johnson
Seaver: Jim Burwell
Mrs. Boxer: Betty Hitchcock
Chief: Kathryn Schmiel
Mrs. Argus: Helen Esposito
Dentist: Kathy Carrico

Abbott and Costello

Abbott: Paula James
Costello: Tina Mullins
Announcer: Helen Gillikin/Valerie Morris


Producer: Mary Jane Fink
Stage Managers: Kathryn Schmiel, Sandy Grillo, Andy Mays
Readers/Prompters: Kathryn Schmiel
LSTV: John Bisaga, George Parker, Mike Ennis, Bill Baird, Tony Gatto
Tickets: Mary Ann Bosco, Elaine Romanias