Yvonne Stathis

Yvonne Stathis was on born August 21, 1935 in Brooklyn, New York and passed away on February 10, 2016 in Virginia. Many of us from HHLT’s early years will remember Yvonne dancing and singing in most of our early epic musical productions. Her roles were:

  • Kitty Evans, tap dancer in the musical, Don’t Say No to the USO (2003)
  • Juanita Fandango, Famous Stage Personality in the musical, Westward Whoa! (2003)
  • Tweedles, Polly’s friend, in the musical, Charleston! (2004)
  • Dancer in a special HHLT production, Letters to Santa, for the HH Women’s Organization (2004)
  • Impella, a sexy Senator’s wife, in the musical, When In Rome (2006)
  • Sweetie in The Hound of Clackervilles (2006)
  • Dancer in another special HHLT production for the HH Women’s Organization (2006)
  • Faye in the Romance of Helen Trent, part of the Old Time Radio production (2008)