October — Social Security

Social Security — Oct 6, 7 & 8

by Andrew Bergman

Co-Directed by Gene and Kathryn Schmiel

This 1986 comedy was directed by Mike Nichols and starred Marlo Thomas, Olympia Dukakis, Joanna Gleason and Ron Silver — and ran on Broadway for a year. The New York Post wrote, “Just when you were beginning to think you were never going to laugh on Broadway again, along comes Social Security. . . The play is a hoot, and better yet, a sophisticated, civilized hoot.”
There are six characters in the play, three male and three female. Our stars include: Kathy Carrico as Barbara, Walt Meyer as David, Val Bowman as Trudy, Bob Bowman as Martin, Jim Burwell as Maurice and Gayle Chisholm as Sophie.

For photos by Walt Myer, click here http://img.gg/MqDN6n7