NOVEMBER–A Few Good Years

Co-Directors Ina Myer and Bill Harrison chose  A Few Good Years, which is the story of two women–one with a widowed mother and the other, with a widowed father–and their efforts to match the two. It’s a little different because there will also be  mimes who peek around observing the characters and also change props and scenery. It’s described as a romantic comedy in the non-realistic style of The Fantastics.

The AFGY’s cast included: Libbi, Dot Scheutze; Larry, Jack Merelman; Dolores, Mary Glascock; Grace, Gail Chisholm; Don, Walt Meyer; Actress, Joyce Mancini; Actor, Gene Schmiel; Narrator & Mime, M.J. Brickach; Mime, Helen Esposito; Mime, Jean Gentry; Mime, Goldie Grandy.
The Production Crew includes: Co-Directors, Bill Harrison & Ina Mayer; Producer, Denny Cumber; Set Design, Joey Wagner; LSTV, Bill Whyte; Assistant LSTV, Sandy Thompson; Sound, Sandy Mills; Make-Up, Sandy Iasiello; Props, Sandy Thompson; Publicity, Goldie Grandy & Joyce Mancini; Tickets, Treva Whyte; Poster, Bets & Ed Knepley; Scene Change Posters, Kathryn Schmiel.

A Few Good Years Review


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