April — A Bad Year for Tomatoes

Spring 2015 Production

A Bad Year for Tomatoes by John Patrick

Directed by Dot Schuetze

Produced by Sandy Thompson

April 28, 29 & 30


  • Myra Marlow, actress/Myrtle/Sister Sadie — Georgiana Ide
  • Tom Lamont, agent — Tom Taggart
  • Cora Gump, neighbor — Ginny McCardle
  • Reba Harper, neighbor — Ina Mayer
  • Piney, local handyman — Chuck Breder
  • Willa Mae Wilcox, neighbor — Mary Glascock
  • Sheriff — Jim Burwell

Production Crew:

  • Director — Dot Schuetze
  • Producer — Sandy Thompson
  • Asst. Producer — Nancy Mahevich
  • Stage Manager — Goldie Grandy
  • Asst. Stage Manager — Denny Cumber
  • Set Design — Ted Day
  • Set Construction — Don Jewell, Chuck Breder, Goldie Grandy, Jane Becker & Kathryn Schmiel
  • Sound — John Bisaga
  • Lighting & Video — Nick Ide
  • Costumes — Sandy Iasiello
  • Makeup — Sandy Iasiello, Margaret Gorzka & Joey Wagner
  • Props — Jane Becker
  • Poster, Program & Ads — Bets Knepley
  • Photographer — Ed Knepley
  • Understudies — Betty Hitchcock & Jane Becker
  • Reservations — Arlene Maroney & Joyce Mancini
  • Reader — Walt Meyer
  • Greeters — Arlene Maroney, Joyce Mancini, Charlotte Kennedy & Joe Ganey

Story Summary

Fed up with the pressure and demands of her acting career, the famous Myra Marlowe leases a house in the tiny New England hamlet of Beaver Haven, Vermont and settles down to write her autobiography. She is successful in turning aside the offer pressed on her by her long time agent, but dealing with her nosy neighbors is a different matter. In an attempt to shoo them away and gain some privacy, Myra invents a mad, homicidal sister who is kept locked in an upstairs room, but who occasionally escapes long enough to scare off uninvited visitors. Complications result when the local handyman developes an affection for “Sister Sadie” (really Myra in a freight wig) and some of the ladies decide it is their Christian duty to save the poor demented Sadie’s soul. In desperation, Myra announces that her “sister” has gone off to Boston, which brings on the Sheriff and the suspicion of murder! Needless to say, all is straightened out in the end.