One Act Wonders

Checkers by Dale Doerman

The Ferris Wheel by Mary Miller

Will the Ladies Come to Order by N. M. Gibson

Directed by: Sally Peterson

Produced by: Andrea Mays

I know you will be delighted to see Dot Schuetze and Jim Burwell
back on stage together in Checkers. Lillian and Henry have been
together for 52 years and they enjoy playing checkers in their local
park. Let’s listen in on their conversation. They won’t mind.

Dorrie and John, meet when they share a seat in The Ferris Wheel.
They both have issues which come out when they get stuck at the
top of the wheel. Their conversation will endear them to you. Have
fun getting to know them.

Have you ever had a thought that you are very glad nobody else
knows about? Of course you have! In our third play, the four officers
of a ladies cultural league are not so lucky. Their alter-egos are also
at the meeting and are very happy to share their thoughts with you.
And you thought they were such nice ladies! After the meeting the
ladies have a surprise for us.

Checkers Cast:

  • Lillian: Dot Schuetze
  • Henry: Jim Burwell

Ferris Wheel Cast:

  • John: Tom Taggart
  • Dorrie: Valerie Morris

Will the Ladies Please Come to Order Cast:

  • Marilou Salter, President: Joan Patton
  • Elizabeth Glisson, Vice President: Kathy Carrico
  • Rosalene Howell, Secretary: Tina Mullins
  • Jewel Wooding, Treasurer: Helen Gillikin
  • Inner President: Valerie Morris
  • Inner Vice President: Mary Glascock
  • Inner Secretary: Brenda Quanstrom
  • Inner Treasurer: Mary Jane Fink
  • Minnie Farrell: Lynn Staymates


  • Producer: Andy Mays
  • Stage Manager: Kathryn Schmiel
  • Stage Hand: Sandy Grillo
  • Ticket Manager: Mary Anne Bosco
  • Photography, Poster, Program and Ads: Walt Meyer
  • Audio: John Bisaga, Tony Gatto, Mike Ennis
  • Microphones: Nancy Mahevich, Barbara Mahoney
  • Lighting: George Parker, Tony Gatto
  • Video Recording: Bill Baird, Larry Jackson
  • Video Special Effects and Editing: Nick Ide
  • Publicity: Kathryn Schmiel
  • Understudies/Prompters (Checkers): Walt Meyer, Tina Mullins
  • Prompter (The Ferris Wheel): Mary Jane Fink
  • Readers: Andy Mays, Mary Gorodnick, Kathryn Schmiel, Sandy Grillo
  • Greeters: Mary Gorodnick, Linda Meyer, Andy Mays, Nancy Mahevich, Rachel Morris, Ginsy Shumate, Louanna Breder, Mary Anne Bosco, Emily Russell, Joey Wagner


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