MAY–A Hatful of Humor

Co-Directors Joyce Mancini and Ina Mayer are really clowns at heart and decided to tickle our audience’s funny bone with A Hatful of Humor, a reader’s theater consisting of skits. It was  presented on May 18, 19 and 20 in the Clubhouse Ballroom at 7:30pm.

Cast includes Tom Taggart, Joyce Mancini, Tina Mullins, Midge Teahan, Mary Glascock, Kathryn Schmiel, Jack Merelman, Dot Schuetze, Goldie Grandy, Joe Ganey, Mel Ross, Lynn Block, Gene Schmiel, Chuck Breder, Jim Burwell, Walt Meyer, Goldie Grandy, Helen Esposito, Betty Hitchcock, Art Moscatello, Bill Harrison and Alan Mager.

Crew includes Co-Directors Joyce Mancini and Ina Mayer; Producer Kathryn Schmiel; Stage Manager Sandy Thompson; Tickets Treva Whyte; Makeup Sandy Iasiello; Lights & Sound Bill Whyte; Publicity Bets and Ed Knepley and Goldie Grandy; Programs Bill Harrison.

Hat Full of Humor PROGRAM


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