Our Ninth Birthday Party by Activities Director, Art Moscatello

Forty members gathered in the Mountain View Room on February 16 to celebrate HHLT’s ninth anniversary. In true thespian fashion, the theme of the evening was a private showing of a playlet appropriately entitled The Ninth Anniversary. The playlet was produced and directed by Art, with talented characterizations by LT members. The playlet consisted of two acts with an intermission for the birthday cake and beverages and engaging in chit chat with background music by Jack Merelman.

Act I

Scene 1: Jack on the piano

Scene 2: Art Moscatello walking down HHLT’s Memory Lane

Scene 3: Cancelled due to illness (Gene & MJ Brickach musical duet)

Scene 4: Ina Mayer & Joyce Mancini in a Teachers’ Gems skit

Scene 5: Walt Meyer’s interpretation of a Shakespearean soliloquy in today’s environment

Scene 6: Helen Esposito, Treva Whyte, Natalie June & Faye Green in a Line Dance

Act II

Scene 1: “Broadway” Joe Ganey talked of his HHLT encounters

Scene 2: Roger delRosario’s portrayal of a Shakespearean soliloquy

Scene 3: Kathryn & Gene Schmiel’s portrayal by of two lovers in Yesterday

Scene 4: Denny Cumber & Jane Becker in a political humor skit

Scene 5: Art Moscatello in a song & dance number

Scenes 6, 7, 8 & 9: That’s Entertainment sung by Tony Bennett

Door prizes (brandy and wine to Kathryn Schmiel and wine to Dot Schuetze);

piano selections by Jack Merelman

And an OPEN Mic (which was CLOSED due to no takers)

Credits: Special thanks for Walt Meyer’s photography; Bets Knepley’s assistance for HHLT memories; Lois Potter for HHLT’s photo album; Betty Hitchcock’s assistance with door prizes; and Sandy Iasiello’s assistance in serving the birthday cake.

I purposely gave a blow by blow accounting of the big “bash” so those of you couldn’t attend, could see what you missed! Make sure to attend next year, so you don’t miss out in all the fun.


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